Droid4X 0.9.0

Emulate and use a virtual Android device on your Windows desktop to download and run Android applications

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Droid4X allows you to emulate the Android operating system on your Windows PC or laptop. This piece of software will be invaluable to those who like to play Android games as well as app developers. Instead of working on a small touchscreen, you will be able to control all of your favorite mobile apps with a keyboard and mouse. Droid4X also has excellent support, and it is constantly being updated as new versions of Android are released.

There are quite a few reasons why many people are now using their Android apps on larger computers. Programs like Droid4X allow users to send texts, make calls, and play mobile games without an Android device. Once Droid4X has been installed, you will have full access to the entire Google Play store. You will be able to download and use apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter without using your browser.

This Android emulator is also going to be an invaluable tool if you design or test apps. Uploading unfinished apps to your phone could cause serious errors or permanently damage the hardware. Droid4X is a standalone emulator that doesn’t impact the rest of your computer system. If the app is buggy or broken, then the emulator will simply shut down. You can then delete the app or reset the emulator back to the factory settings.

For competitive gamers, large screens and ergonomic peripherals are absolutely vital. Unfortunately, most smartphones aren’t designed for gaming, and you might need a little extra help if you want to beat the competition. Once this program has been downloaded, you can even open up multiple screens in order to play on two or more accounts at the same time. Anyone who enjoys “castle building” games knows just how important it is to have multiple accounts.

Droid4X has been optimized for Windows computers, and it will let you take full advantage of your system’s specs. This program is ideal for anyone who would like to download and use Android apps on a Windows PC.


  • Completely free with no ads
  • Ongoing tech support
  • One-click downloads


  • Some apps are buggy
  • Slow download speeds for some apps
  • Installation times can be slow

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